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Belastingadviseur gezocht voor controle/bezwaarschrift IB-aangifte voorgaande jaren

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Dear Madam or Sir,

I hope you can help me. My dutch is not enough to deal with that problem. I have some trouble with my tax return from 2014. I did all my tax returns of the last 5 years beginning of this year. In my tax return form for 2014, I made a mistake, and the tax department calculated my tax refund wrong, and I got 4900€. After I mentioned that mistake, I got the revised tax return calculation, and they now ask for 781€ (+4900€).
I moved and started to work in the Netherlands on 1 March 2014. I worked at Utrecht University as a PhD (22087€), lived in a rental apartment, attend additional education (186€) and had almost zero euros saving. Due to move for my employment, I got over 2019 1500€ from the German employment exchange. 
I cannot believe that I have to pay 781€ for taxes for 2019. Can you help me fix that problem? If yes, how much do you usually charge for it?

Best regards,
Claudia Giese

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