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Belastingadviseur gezocht voor particuliere IB-aangifte 2017: ik val niet langer onder 30%-regeling
Gevraagde diensten: inkomstenbelasting, belastingadvies

I need some help/advice for my aangifte inkostenbelasting 2017 (particulier).
To be completed before Sept. 1.

My situation in short:
– German nationality.
– Living and working (as employee) in Almelo, since 12 years.
– Married (wife has no own income); 1 kid (2 years old).
– Living in an apartment for rent.
– I was in the 30% tax ruling until end of 2016. Year 2017 was the first year where this ruling no more applied for me.
– I have ‘vermogen’ in the Netherlands (bankrekening, deposito savings) as well as in Germany (several investment funds). 

I need some specific advice from an experienced tax advisor in Almelo, with expertise in the fields mentioned above, in particular for filling in:
Box 1: belastbaar inkomen uit werk.
Box 3: belastbaar inkomen uit sparen en beleggen (avoid double taxation).

I understand Dutch language quite well, but communication in German or English language is preferred.

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