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Belastingadviseur gezocht voor particuliere IB-aangifte 2017 for the both of us
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Hello, my Dutch partner moved back from to the NL (after having spent 10+ years outside NL) in 2017 and started to work in June 2017 (employee in a Dutch company) and he needs to file his 1st Dutch taxes. We need advise on the following:
– how to complete the form(s) since he did not earn a salary before he started to work in June 2017?!
– we are married, but I’m living in South Africa (expat, working for a French company, paying my taxes in France): am I his ‘fiscal partner’?! do I need to declare my taxes in NL although I don’t live here?! what about the ‘world-income’ the Dutch tax-authorities request to be informed about?!
– Help with the “90% eis”
– I have property in South Africa (on my name) otherwise no savings worth mentioning.

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