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Belastingadviseur gezocht for advise regarding to a monetary compensation paid by my employer to a company of mine

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Good day,
After 11 year working in the PetChem industry, I negotiated a termination of contract with my employer. July is my last month under payroll and I will receive a monetary compensation end August.
I am now working at creating a company focused on software development but which should not generate revenue for a couple of years (during product development).
The product will allow for bitcoin traders (including myself) to setup and run automated trading strategies at home, without the need of third parties.
I am also planning at offering blockchain consultancy service through this company.
In the meanwhile I am thinking at creating a ZZP to offer my supply chain expertise to companies that might need it, to mostly cover living costs.
In short, I will receive about 25 k€ from my employer late August and understand that it might be possible to get this amount paid to a company of mine, though which I could use the later monetary compensation without paying income tax.
Can this work out as described ?
What kind of company should I create?
Should I ask for WW uitkering from begin August?
These are the types of questions I have and for which I’d like to receive an offer.
With best regards,

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